What is the 360 MHIP?

The 360 MHIP is the Mental Health Integrated Program that focuses on holistic care approach. We build our model based on “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs.”  

What makes this program different?

There are many ways the MHIP is different than other programs:

  1. Basic needs of the consumers
  2. Collaboration with other providers
  3. Stability & healthy lifestyle
  4. Giving back to the community, assisting with food, clothing, housing and employment.

What do patients gain from participating in the program?

The people who come to us with mental health problems gain:

  1. Stability
  2. Healthy lifestyle
  3. One-on-one support
  4. Community resources needed to thrive

What will be the operating hours?

Prestige Behavioral Health will provide a welcoming and respectful environment. It will be open seven days a week, 24-hours a day and will have the capacity to serve 10-15 individuals at one time.

What happens with individuals once they join the program?

The highly trained staff personnel at Prestige Behavioral Health will examine all the incoming patients and identify their initial needs:

  1. We focus on the root cause of their mental health challenges
  2. Coping skills they have successfully used in the past
  3. Relapse triggers
  4. Assign a community support worker who will be working with the individual directly

What happens from the time a patient comes through the door to the time he or she will leave?

When a person suffering from mental or Behavioral problem arrives:

  1. Initial intake is conducted (approximately 45 minutes)
  2. Diagnostic assessment
  3. Treatment plan
  4. Individual is linked to services based on needs  

Is there an age range of patients? Do you accept all ages?

We are equipped to treat all patients. However, our initial focus is to provide services for patients 18 years and above.  Individuals 18 and below will be referred to our affiliate agency.

Tell us about your staffing?

Our talented staff consists of men and women specializing in providing therapeutic services for wide range of psychiatric issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, eating disorder, and so on.

What does success for this program look like for you?

Rehabilitation back to the community

  1. Be able to meet basic needs using Maslow hierarchy of needs model
  2. reduced need for our services or readmission reduction
  3. Stability and productive member of the society